Drilling Mud Solids Control System

Drilling Mud Solids Control System brief

Solids control system may contain shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge, pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud mixer, poor boy degasser, mud tank, etc. The systems will suit rig max drilling depth from 2000m to 9000m, as well as the offshore rig or jack-up platform drilling We promise clients optimal solution with cost-efficient budget.

Aipu Solids Control manufacture complete equipment for Oil & Gas drilling rig for:250HP, 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 750HP, 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP, 3000HP.

Funtion of Solids Control

The solids control system utilized physical method to remove solid particles from the drilling mud to ensure the performance of drilling mud, and reduce the occurrence of drilling accident. Effectively save drilling costs and maximize economic benefits.

Components of Solids Control System

A complete solids control system including mud mixing and store units (mud tank, agitator, mud gun), solids removal units (shale shaker, hydrocyclone removal equipment, centrifuge), auiliary devices and lines.

mank tank are classified to trip tank, circulation tanks, weighting tanks,mixing tanks,stroage tanks, and etc. according to different usage.

Solids removal equipment including five stage purification equipment: shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter decanter centrifuge. mud degasser and mud desilter can be combined with shaker as mud cleaner.

Auxiliary equipment mainly mean centrifugal pumps and other accessories parts like electrial pannal and so on. According function, centrifugal pump can be used as desander pump, desilter pump, mixing pump,trip pump, and metering pump.

Working Procedure Of Solids Control System

  1. Drilling mud from drill hole will feeding into shale shaker buffer box by pipeline, the shaker can install shaker screen mesh API 35 to API 120 to separate larger drilling cuttings. Fluids part will drop into sand trap through mesh screen.
  2. Mud from sand trap will over flow into next compartment and vacuum degasser will suction mud to degasser and treated mud will overflow into degasser compartment.
  3. Desander feeding pump will pick up mud from degasser compartment and feed into desander cyclone for 47 – 76 micron separation. Solids part will drop from desander nozzle and fluids over flow into desander compartment.
  4. Another will pick up mud from desander compartment and feed desilter cyclone, solids part drop through desilter nozzle and fluids over flow into desilter compartment.
  5. A slurry pump or screw pump then pick up mud from desilter compartment into decanter centrifuge for 2 – 7 micron separate and clean mud flow into centrifuge compartment.
  6. All tank compartments after desilter compartment we name as clean mud, mixing pump can suction or discharge to any of the clean mud tank for mud transfer or new mud mixing.
  7. Mud pump suction line arrange in all clean mud tank with valve.

Rig 350-450HP 550-650HP(ZJ20) 750HP(ZJ30) 1000HP(ZJ40) 1500HP(ZJ50) 1500HP(ZJ50)
Mud Flow(m³/h) 90 120 180 240 240 300
Shaker Qty 1 1 2 2 2 3
Mud Cleaner 1 1 1 1 1 1
Centrifuge 0 0 1 1-2 2 2
Separation Size 20 micron 7 micron 7 micron 2 micron 2 micron 2 micron
Mud Tank Qty 2 3 3 5 6 7
Mud Tank Size Customized
Pipeline Arrange Customized
  1. Solids Control System manufactured by Aipu have a good performance of cold-resistent, high temperature resistance, anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, raining proof, adapt to wicked condition of well drilling.
  2. There are intermediate pressure mud pipelines and rinsing pipelines on the top of the tanks.
  3. Behind the tank, there is a pressure bar type clear sand door. It is appropriate and neat to open.
  4. To use durable links between the tanks, it is convenient to set up and dismantle, has a good scalability.
  5. Accurate positioning between tanks, and can connect rapidly.
  6. The drilling mud solids control level is high, the effect is good, and the measurement of mud is accurate.
  7. The tanks are composed of corrugated boards of the V type. Holistic rigidity is good and the appearance is pleasing.
  8. The surface is interpreted with sandblasting. The in-tank is painted with intense anti-corrosion bituminous paint, and outside of the tank is painted by the oil-proof and acid and alkali corrosion resistant paint.
  9. Comply with the requirements of remote and installation of the drilling crew frequently.
  10. Drilling Mud Solids Control System can be prepared according to the customers’ requirements.
shale shaker
Shale Shaker
First stage solids removal equipment

Shale shaker is used to separate drilling cuttings for first phase cleaning in a whole solids control system.

Second stage solids removal equipment

Desander is used to separate drilling cuttings for second phase cleaning in a whole solids control system.

Third stage solids removal control equipment

Desilter is used to separate drilling cuttings for third phase cleaning in a whole solids control system.

Mud cleaner
Mud Cleaner
Hydrocyclone of desander and desilter, bottom shaker integrate the mud cleaner.

Mud cleaner is the second and third phase cleaning equipment for a whole solids control system.

decanting centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is the last phase cleaning equipment for a whole solids control system

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th solids control equipment in whole drilling mud system. It is used to process drilling mud discharged from desilter cones or mud cleaner.

vacuum degasser
Vacuum Degasser
Vacuum Type is the most common form of degasser

Vacuum degasser is the 2nd purification equipment in whole drilling mud system. It serves to get rid of entrained gas in drilling fluid. Mainly remove small bubbles that a liquid film has enveloped and entrapped.

client image
Atmospheric Degasser
Remove gasses from drilling fluid which could otherwise form bubbles

Atmospheric Degasser is a highly efficient equipment that remove gas from the gas cut mud by accelerating the fluid through a submerged centrifugal pump's impeller.